A coalition of Johns Island Community organizations

Three Johns Island community organizations have come together to provide a unified and more effective voice to City and County governments regarding Johns Island land use issues.  Our organizations are:

  • Johns Island Community Association

  • Johns Island Council

  • Johns Island Task Force

This coalition is not an additional organization, but rather a way of amplifying our individual voices.  We welcome other like-minded Johns Island community organizations to join with us. 

When we say “land use”, we refer to the major issues and actions that affect what Johns Island looks and feels like today and well into the future.  We believe that Johns Island can and should be both urban and rural; that there can still be a sense of place on our Island.  

Our focus is on land use since it is the long-term driver for other key concerns on the Island, including traffic, education, the ability to stay on one’s land, affordable housing, economic opportunity, and water event resiliency.  

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About the coalition organizations

Johns Island Community Association:  The mission of the Johns Island Community Association is to protect the Island we love by encouraging responsible growth and preservation, which requires protecting rural spaces while creating a vibrant community.

Johns Island Council: The mission of the Johns Island Council is to be the central Johns Island advisory organization that provides information to guide responsible development while preserving the historic culture of Johns Island and to engage the community to support its schools.

Johns Island Task Force:  The Johns Island Task Force is a coalition of community members, landowners and nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting the welfare of the diverse and vibrant community of Johns Island by providing places dedicated to traditional land uses including culture, history, agriculture, forestry, and outdoor recreation.