Current Johns Island Road Infrastructure Projects & Status

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

River Road shaded by oak trees

Intersection Improvements at Maybank and River Roads

Charleston County will be making intersection improvements at River and Maybank to include dual left turn lanes from River (north side) to Maybank heading to James Island with a merge in front of Pinnacle Financial. Right of way acquisition is underway and the expected start is August 2019. The improvements will take the intersection from a service level F (forced or breakdown flow) to a service level B (reasonably free flow).

Feasibility Study to Make Maybank Reversible Charleston County is in the process of studying whether or not the three-lane section of Maybank Highway can be reversed to the Stono Bridge at peak times. Results expected in April 2019.

Northern Pitchfork The northern pitchfork is advertised for construction. Once Charleston County has received a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, construction could start in July 2019.

Southern Pitchfork Charleston County has no identified funding source to complete this project at this time.

Flyover at Main Road and Highway 17 The next public meeting on the Main Road and Highway 17 project is targeted for April. Charleston County plans to segment this project so certain non-NEPA phases can begin sooner.

Maybank Overlay The next round of Maybank Highway and Main Road Zoning Public Workshops are tentatively scheduled for the Summer of 2019. At these meetings Charleston County and City of Charleston Planning Staffs will present specific draft overlay text and maps for public review and comment. Find out more about the maps or more information on the Charleston County website

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