Education Update: Charleston Shared Futures

What could Charleston County School District Look Like in 2035?

Charleston County School District (CCSD) contracted with Clemson University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion in 2017 to conduct a study analyzing diversity, inclusion and sources of tension for the district. In August of last year, representatives from Clemson University provided their findings to the CCSD Board after conducting a six-month research project that included interviews and discussions with various stakeholders. One the group’s recommendations was for CCSD to work with local stakeholders and an outside facilitator to look further into concerns that were presented in their report (find out more at on the CCSD website).

In September of 2018, a 30-member team from across Charleston County came together to create plausible scenarios to answer the question: What could CCSD look like in 2035? The group worked together to create their scenarios, which were presented to the community and CCSD Board members in January at Burke High School auditorium.

Johns Island Community Association’s Education Chair, Michelle Faust, was part of the Charleston Shared Futures group. She says, “The scenarios are relevant and possible outcomes and present a variety of very different paths based on things we agreed will be certain and the uncertainties of things that might change over time.”

The four scenarios are:

1835- A fixed point in time, with no movement forward.

Sweetgrass Basket- A slow and intensive process like that of making a basket. The sweetgrass must be processed before it is pliable enough to produce useful products.

Reconstruction- The need to reconstruct a system that was designed not to benefit all.

Techtowne: Technology drives the future.

(read the full scenarios in the Shared Future report)

The scenarios are tools to be used to further the discussion with all stakeholders. They can provide a framework for tough conversations about a system that has not worked for everyone and be part of writing the future of education in our community.

Read the full Clemson report on the CCSD website and find out more about the Shared Future Project.

To learn more please reach out to JICA’s Michelle Faust or 843-327-6742.

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