Johns Island Road Updates

Improvements at River Road and Maybank Highway Intersection

Charleston County will be making intersection improvements at River and Maybank to include dual left turn lanes from River (north side) to Maybank heading to James Island with a merge in front of Pinnacle Financial.

Update: Permitting is complete and construction funding approval is pending. Anticipated construction start is October.

Feasibility Study to Make Maybank Reversible

Charleston County is in the process of studying whether or not the three-lane section of Maybank Highway can be reversed to the Stono Bridge at peak times.

Update: The County received the feasibility study, which found lane reversible would be effective but could conflict with the pitchfork roads, if they proceed. The City and County are reviewing the completed report.

Northern Pitchfork

Update: The Army Corps of Engineers sent a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to the County for review, plans are to select a contractor in September with construction to start in November of this year.

Installation of a traffic light at Fenwick Alle for improved safety is part of the Northern Pitchfork project: estimated installation in May 2020. Decorative street lighting for the area is anticipated in November 2020 due to a lengthy manufacturing schedule.

Southern Pitchfork

No update. County has no identified source of funding.

Safety Related Projects

Continuing: The Department of Transportation is evaluating Main Road trees to determine they have affected the paved road and could pose potential safety issues.

Main Road/Highway 17 Flyover

The public comment period is over. The County is working on a presentation that compiles all public commentary. Be on the lookout for an update for the public in August meetings.

Maybank Overlay

Please see the Charleston County website for an updated version of proposed zoning boundaries.

526 Completion

No update.

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