The Johns Island Community Association Forms

Our Island. Our Town. Our Future.

Johns Island Community Association logo: oak tree with roots

The John’s Island Community Association is forming to help local residents and business owners shape the future of the Island. The group plans to address several specific issues: development, traffic, rural preservation, and local schools.

It is clear that development is greatly outpacing infrastructure improvements in the Charleston area, and this is threatening the quality of life for John's Island residents in particular. As more people move to John’s Island, the group feels it is important the City of Charleston allow a vibrant town to develop on the island -thereby reducing off-island trips for shopping, schooling, recreation, and work.

Led by John's Island residents, the John’s Island Community Association’s mission is to protect the rural aspects of the island by encouraging responsible growth within the urban growth boundary–approximately 20% of island.

The Association supports carefully growing suburban and urban spaces on the island, but also demands the infrastructure needed to support this growth.

Residents on John’s Island understand their infrastructure is stressed for many reasons. One reason is that thousands of families send their children to schools off of the Island. This clogs narrow roads with thousands of unnecessary car trips every day. The John’s Island Community Association will address this by working with CCSD, exploring charter school options, and helping local homeschool families connect with one another.

The Association looks forward to working with all existing citizen groups, elected officials, and government agencies.

The steering committee expects to begin hosting meetings, workshops, and town hall events this spring.

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