Traffic Issue #2: Congestion at Main Road and US-17

The intersection at Main Road and US 17 is extremely inadequate and dangerous, causing daily congestion and regular accidents. Additionally, the drainage along Main Road between US 17 and the Limehouse Bridge is inadequate, causing the road to flood often. 

Solution: A greatly improved intersection, additional lanes, and better drainage.

In September of 2015, Charleston County Council directed County staff to renegotiate improvement plans, and ask for SCDOT to construct a flyover instead of the proposed "super-street" intersection. SCDOT and Charleston Council are currently considering this alternative.

The Johns Island Community Association fully supports this decision as it is the best design for the future - with or without a completed I-526.


Current Action Items:

  1. Demand the fly-over intersection be funded in 2016 Construction for the "super-street" project was to begin in 2016, but County Council rejected the idea and asked for a more costly fly-over design instead. SCDOT currently has no timeline for this project.

  2. Demand a Main Road be widened to four lanes from Bees Ferry Rd to River Road The summer flooding in 2015 showed us how important this road is to all of Johns Island and West Ashley. Even with a completed I-526 and fly-over intersection, this section of Main Road will remain a bottle-neck - not to mention a hurricane evacuation. Without a completed I-526, this road will be gridlock. Demand Charleston County widen Main Road from Bees Ferry to River Road immediately. This project should also include major drainage improvements.

  3. Demand immediate and temporary improvements to US 17 and Main Road While we wait for the fly-over project to move forward, we demand that Charleston County and SCDOT continue their work to make this intersection safer. These improvements include: 1.) Better sight-lines and a merge lane at Old Charleston Highway and US 17 N 2.) Improved lane markings and directional signage



Related Public Officials

  • Leon Stavrinakis State Representative (119th District) | 803.734.3039 | Website

  • Anna Johnson Charleston County Representative (District 8) | 843.795.3970 | Website

  • Marvin Wagner City Council Member - (District 5) | Website

  • Emily Toler South Carolina Department of Transportation | 803.737.0529

  • Molli Lemin Project Manager (Charleston County) | 843.202.6154

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