protecting what we love

Our Preservation committee's core philosophy

To protect the natural and cultural resources on the island, Johns Island must continue to preserve rural land outside of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) while advocating for sustainable development practices within this boundary.

As such, the primary role of this committee shall be to defend the growth boundary and facilitate collaborations to identify opportunities to fortify it. Within the growth boundary, JICA’s preservation committee will encourage sustainable development and support the preservation and creation of open spaces for public use.

urban growth boundary & land use
map of Johns island showing land use and te urban growth boundary

The Urban Growth Boundary (the maroon dashed line on the map) is a tool that local governments can use to minimize urban sprawl by restricting zoning or suburban / urban development to designated areas inside the boundary while protecting rural landscapes outside of the UGB.

While a UGB can help guide local zoning and land use patterns, it alone cannot legally restrict suburban and urban development. Therefore UGB’s should be combined with additional ‘tools’ to effectively conserve natural habitats and protect rural character of a place.

The UGB on Johns Island is not only essential for protecting the rural character of the island but, by restricting moderate- and high-density development to the land that can physically support those uses, it is also an important tool for restricting the risk of flooding in suburban and urban communities.